Meet The Mayor


Meet The Mayor


I was born in Utica New York in 1961 to parents exiled from communist Cuba. We then moved to New York City where we lived until 1972, after which my familiy moved to Winston-Salem. My parents worked hard and made their way in this new country. My father became an acclaimed editor of science books and trade journals while my mother became one of the preeminent computer systems design engineers in the south eastern United States. They instilled in me that hard work and serving others is an honorable way to live. I took those lessons with me to college at Western Carolina University and then to North Carolina State University from which I graduated with a BS in biology. After my father, two aunts, and my grandmother died of cancer, I decided to devote my science career to medical research which I have done at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, UNC Chapel Hill and at Wake Forest University School of Medicine.



Before living in Ronda my wife, Teri, and I  lived in Lewisville, NC and before that in Miami Beach where I was deeply involved in the revitalization of South Beach. I cut my teeth on community development issues by serving on many boards there. Teri, and I have a deep attachment to that community, but between the two of us, we have lived up and down the eastern seaboard, Michigan, Kentucky and west to San Francisco. In the end, we decided to settle in Ronda in 2002  because we love the location, nestled in the Yadkin Valley at the foot of the Blue Ridge Mountains, and the people here that have treated us like family.



That is why I, Mayor Victor Varela, serve the people of Ronda. We are a close knit community that embraces new comers and new ideas and we have so much potential here. This is the place to be in North Carolina and Wilkes County right now. The best is yet to come. Please feel free to contact me with any questions, suggestions or concerns that you may have at 336.566.6731 or




Town of Ronda Mayor Victor Varella






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